Coin Jar

Everyone has a coin stash of some sort, even if it's just the ashtray or a bowl in the house (that's mine). It's where you put the little extra change that you get. Eventually, they add up to some good money, right?

Well, I'm starting a new, irregular series of tips that will be priced according to their worth. They'll be put into the coin jar on the sidebar. My rating system is pretty informal, but here's how I'm working it:

$.01 - 1 tip, Something to take note of, especially if it applies to you.
$.05 - 2 tips in 1, it may save a little time, money, or energy.
$.10 - 3 tips in 1, it may save a little more, time, money, or energy.
$.25 - 4 tips in 1, This is pretty good and y'all better pay attention.
$.50 - This will save or make you a good amount of money.
$1.00 - Hello, don't be stupid. Do this tip ASAP and you will become a millionaire eventually (OK, maybe not that much, but it's a damn good tip.)

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