$.05: What do rodents and shredders have in common?

If you have a gerbil, a hamster, or any other rodent (kids don't count!) and they like to chew, chew, chew, don't buy those expensive cardboard tubes at the store. For that matter, don't buy those wood chewing sticks either.

Give them your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls to chew on. If you really love your pet, leave a little bit of tp on the roll. The shreds make up a nice, soft bedding.This works really well if you go through a lot of tp and paper towels. I don't go through as many as I used to but I have my friends saving their rolls for me.

If you are not as lucky as I am to have great friends like this (or you don't want your friends to think you're crazy), you can also have your pet shred up old bills, statements, and the like. Caution: I am always careful to only give my gerbil plain papers and nothing glossy or plastic-y.

As a plus, when you clean out the cage, all the shreds can be used in the compost!

This tip is economical and green. What more could you ask for?



Mom2fur said...

I'll have to remember to give my pet rat, Noodle, my old bills to shred. I never thought of that idea, LOL!

Clink said...

I think i discovered it one day when I was cleaning out my files and I was short of tp rolls. So, I folded up an old statement and gave it to her. She devoured the thing in minutes!

My hamsters, on the other hand, were not shredders.

Glad you liked. LEt me know if it works for you.