It could be automatic...*

Amanda, over at Young and Broke, just posted about making your savings automatic (as does just about everyone else in the pf blogosphere). I just set up an automatic transfer recently for $7 per week (I would have done it $1 per day and obsessively checked the balance everyday, but, alas, not an option), so that I'm at least saving the equivalent of $1 per day. I know that it's not much, but it's a start. This is for the Emergency Fund.

I have it at my local bank (WAMU). They have a special running right now that if you open a checking account you get something like $.03 for every transaction AND you get a savings acct with 5% interest with no min balance or fee. There are two catches: you have to open the acct online AND you have to open the savings acct at the same time you open the checking acct (otherwise they charge you if it's under the min balance) (My gf went to the branch and opened one and she didn't have the option of the savings acct.).


*I know that's from a song (or I bastardized the title), but I can't remember. Anyone have a clue?

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