OMG, they offered me $52,000!

Let me tell y'all, I am SO torn. Can I be bought for that much money (which to me is a lot)?

There are some things about the job that I did not like, such as the start time (6AM) and the time off (only 6 holidays per year [if they fall on working days], 5 sick days, 1 week's vacay - which sounds normal, but not when you despised the job). These things I cannot change.

I also did not like my boss, but I wonder if that's something I can change. Perhaps if I had a better attitude? Ugh, who knows.

Miguel (Single Ma's regular readers will know him) asked if the position will further my career goals. I don't believe that it would, but I would get more managerial experience and, of course, more money.

Forgive the lack of direction and clarity for this post. I am just shocked!


Miguel said...

Nice to wanted isn't it. Well, congrats on what sounds like a great offer. Now what?

Sounds like you have some very deep, thinking to do. And if you're anything like me, you won't be sleeping well the next few days.

Many years ago, when I was faced with my 1st job out of college, I had two very competitive offers from 2 great companies, but that would take me in very different directions. I was having trouble deciding - so I sat down, drew a line down the middle of a page, and started listing the advantages and disadvantages of both jobs.

Things like:

- pay & benefits
- future pay oppty
- people & environment
- career direction
- commute
- etc.

You get the picture. Every now and then, I come across that piece of paper from 20 yrs ago, I have a nice chuckle - it still remains as relevant today, as it was then.

The other thing, I would suggest is that you try to think outside the box a little bit. For example - You hated your old boss. Why? Would sitting down and having a frank conversation with him/her about what it would take to make things different this time around help? Is there really any downside to dictating your terms to them.

Don't think of it as so one-sided - they offer you the job and you either accept for reject. Think about what would honestly make that job perfect for you and then ask them for it - assuming you would want the job in the first place (don't waste their time if you don't want it).

Then, of course, there is that question of whether this would take you in the right direction. Again, is there something they could offer that would make the job better suited to your long-term goals.

Lastly, this is really where you need some mentors/advisors in the field to help you sort thru the issues, like we've been discussing.

Good luck.

D said...

I agree with the Miguel don't rush to turn it down. Think long and hard. They evidently are at huge point of interest.

Figure out what you want and ask. The worse they can say is no.

By the way, I'm so happy for you. Way to go! Congratulations

Clink said...

@ Miguel - "Don't think of it as so one-sided - they offer you the job and you either accept for reject."

This is so true, but something I would never have thought about. As I get older (like I'm so old now) I am realising that more things are negotiable than I thought. Thank you for encouraging me to think rationally.

@ D - "Figure out what you want and ask. The worse they can say is no."

So true, so true. Thanks!