Quote of the day

Not really of the day or even the week, but I ran across it today, so, therefore, it's the quote of the day.

Here's the backstory:

5. I Quit Letting People Talk Me Into Making Financial Mistakes

This one is the most difficult because peer pressure is a bitch. Every day people will insist that you ‘work so hard’ and that you should ‘treat yourself!’ It’s even worse if you have children because the world is full of well meaning idiots who will imply that you’re a bad parent if you don’t plow your kids with toys and trips to Disney Land. They will poo-poo every thing that you do and then go home and stare in horror at their checking account that just went into the negatives again.
And here's the quote:

Fuck em all. They’ll be making your lattes someday.
Hat tip to Violent Acres.


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