Shoe crazy!

I bought these shoes at Walmart a few months ago and I LOVE them.

Unforch, they are already falling apart. This doesn't surprise me - it is Walmart, after all. But, now I have a problem. I have to find another pair that are great quality, but not too expensive. Target doesn't carry anything similar, otherwise I'd go with them as their quality is pretty good for the low price. So, now I have to spend money. Ugh. Well, I can't be too upset, it is for shoes...

So, I was looking into Zappos.com for the shoes. Let me tell y'all, I am in dangerous territory. Thank God I have willpower, otherwise, I'd be buying shoes galore! Anyway, I just ran across these FUGLY azz shoes from Christian Lacroix for $765.95.

Yeah, you read that right - $765.95. Who the Hell would pay that much for that crap? OK, sure if you're a star and you have oodles of moolah, but, I mean, damn! These bitches better get me money off the street (if you know what I mean) for that kind of money. They better make my feet look like aaaaaah (cue funky angel music)!

OK, rant over. If anyone comes across these shoes (the first ones) for under $100, please let me know where!


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