Whatever am I going to wear?

Woot! "Financial crisis" avoided!

OK, so it's not really a crisis, but I avoided spending money on frivolous things when I wanted to. Here's the setup: A friend of mine bought a bunch of us tickets for a cruise(!). So, what does any self-respecting femme do? Panics about WTF she is going to wear! Normally, this is not a problem as I have a standard few outfits that I can pull together in a pinch; however, Clink here has gained a bit of weight recently and my clothes are a little tight.

Of course that means that I have to go shopping, right? I told myself that I would go out and only buy a top for $10-20. Hell, I'd even go to Walmart and be assured that I wouldn't spend that much. Thankfully, commonsense took over. First, I know that I would end up spending more than I originally thought and on something that is cheap quality, to boot. Second, I would end up buying other things - you know, accessories (Hey, gotta have the look pulled together!).

I made myself go home and try some outfits on. I told myself that if I was not able to pull an outfit together, than I could go shopping and only with a strict budget. And, voila, outfit pulled together!

It's those little things that I have to be watchful for. Technically, I have the money for them and I wouldn't put it on credit. But, that's less money going towards those credit mofos and I am committed to paying them off.



btc said...

I'm just like you. Normally, I don't feel the urge to go shopping but whenever an event or special occassion comes up or I have a first date, I suddenly need to go shopping. Why is it that women never have anything to wear?

Clink said...

You know, it's because we want to look good! Is that such a crime?

Debt Hater said...

I do that too! Had to buy a new top to wear to an event I was at for all of 20 minutes to impress people I hardly see so if I wore the same thing three times they wouldn't have noticed (and why do I care so much if they did?). Ugh, besides, you'd be surprised how you can reinvent your wardrobe by mixing and matching a few things!

Clink said...

I am def the type to mix and match and create things in my wardrobe. I'll be like, "this shirt and these pants don't go, do they?"; try it on and "don't they look fly?!"