Current Net Worth

Single Ma's recent Net Worth Post prompted me to calculate my net worth. I downloaded this format from Microsoft Office online, but I could have easily made up a spreadsheet in Excel.

The cash and the credit card numbers are accurate as of 1/4/07, but the other balances are conservative guesstimates (basically, if I can check it online, it's good.). As I get a more accurate handle on balances, the numbers will be more accurate.

So, this is where I stand. It's not great, but it's not horrible, either.

(Click to enlarge)

To the details:


Personal Items
Scooter - I guesstimated down on this one. I did some research (meaning that I looked at one website where somebody was selling their's) and these are being sold for $1000 and since mine isn't in the best condition appearance-wise (runs great, though), I guessed $750.

Personal items - I really don't have anything of note, except for books, clothes, and miscellaneous household items (my mom and I share an apt including all the stuff in it), so I just guessed $500. If I considered everything in the house, it would be $1000-$1500.

Cash, etc.
Multiple checking/savings accounts - Yes, these are crazy, I know. I am in the process of changing my checking accounts at WAMU to the rewards checking accounts, after which I will close the other accounts, but it will take some time. Plus, my gf and I share several accounts. Also, I may just list the ING accounts together, but I'm not sure.

Everything but Sharebuilder is guesstimated on this section, but I think they're fairly accurate.


I only have school loans at this point. THis number will increase next month, when the next allotment comes out. Thankfully, though, this will more than likely be the last loan I'll need to take as I work for the university and will finally qualify for tuition reimbursement.

Other debts
Credit Mofos - The chase card will be paid off in the next few days, so this will come off. This number will go down steadily, as I am going to continue to pay the same amount as I was paying before I transferred to 0% interest (down from 29%!). I will add one more charge to the MyPoints card (anniversary dinner that is extremely important - would be worth it even on the 29% card - trust me on this.) and then no more charges that can't be paid off in full.


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