How to invest when you're broke.

So you want to know how to invest when you're broke, huh?

Say you're making $25,000 a year and know that (along with feeding yourself, paying for gas, rent, etc.) you need to start thinking about your future. It pays to do that, because even small amounts add up surprisingly fast if you invest on a regular basis.

Couple points to the article:

1. If you're making only a little bit of money (up to $15K for a single person), the IRS will give you a 50% credit on your contributions to a retirement account.

2. Invest in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds to mitigate your risk.

3. Usually, the only way to invest small amounts is through automatic payments.

4. Check out the fund's risk at using Morningstar's rating system.

The article also lists funds that are open to investors only able to pay a small amount each month.

This article definitely makes it seem doable to invest with only a small amount of money. The only caveat is to live below your means to ensure that you have that money to invest. This will insure that there is extra and that there are NO debt payments. But, even if a person is paying debt, like me, one could still invest in these funds.



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