Giving to charity

I don't give to charity and it's been bugging me lately. For a long time, I've considered that I did not have the money to give. Y'all know how it is, the usual thoughts go like this: "How can I give away 10% when I have to pay my bills?" When I was in college, I would volunteer for things. But, now that I'm in the real world, I haven't donated my time nor my money.

This has to change. There are people in far worse situations than me and I need to realise that. I am going to commit to 1% of my income. It's not much, but it's a start and I don't mind decreasing the payment to the credit mofos.

The question is, where do I send my money? I'm not a church goer, so tithing isn't my thing. I used to be interested in donating to cancer research and things of that nature, but lately, I am turning my attention more to social problems (children, the hungry and homeless, etc.). I like the idea of kiva.org, but I also want to keep my money closer to home where I am able to make more of an impact in my "neighborhood."

Does anyone have any suggestions? What sort of places do you give to?



D said...

Don't feel bad about the 1%, something is always better than nothing. Someday, you may be able to give more.

I don't know if this will help you but here is where I give outside of church:

1. St. Judes Childrens Hospital
2. Older Adult Services, in my area
3. Handicap services in my area
4. Sports and Music Boosters of our schools - they do not get the money they deserve and are constantly on the verge of removal from schools.
5. Local food pantry.

I too, like to see my dollars in action. I am a firm believer that charity begins at home and then works outward.

So, I would suggest opening your local or neighborhood paper and read through. Find out who's doing what and you will see where your dollars can be spent wisely.

Don't worry, there will always be enough - I know you said your not a church goer, but I believe God will provide.

Clink said...

D, that's a good suggestion wrt checking the local newspaper.

I chose to give to a local women's shelter, but that's because I am familiar with them (did volunteer work when I was in college).

I really like the idea of donating to a food pantry.